Turkey Rearing In Nigeria

There are a few main functions of developing turkey which are namely: 1. Production and sales of fertilized eggs. 2. Production of turkey meat for sale 3. Production of turkey poults for sale. 

Turkey creation begins by acquiring the day outdated poults into the brooders house under many temperatures in line with the temperature issue for about 6 weeks ahead of they are transferred to the growers house. They could keep there to maturity. Turkeys get mature in about 20 weeks, then you can promote them for income or leave them for the creation of eggs to be hatched in an incubator. Male turkeys have to be made available to the female types in the ratio of one to 5 girls for successful efficiency. This is to be certain the fertilization of the eggs ahead of sending them to the hatchery.

A farmer can get his or her fertilized eggs hatched at another farmer’s hatchery on payment of a particular price. It is not compulsory that you have to have your personal hatchery ahead of you can deliver day outdated poults which are recently hatched turkeys. Turkey eggs are not typically marketed as table eggs because they are very pricey. The price of developing a turkey is about N1200.00 every single.


Turkey does not consume as well substantially, it eats a small a lot more than chicken. Turkey generated for meat is fed differently from the types meant for the creation of fertilized eggs. It is much less expensive to feed the turkey meant for the creation of fertilized eggs even though the types for meat are given a lot more pricey feed to help them mature more rapidly, more substantial and mature previously for sale.

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