Revenue is the Root of All Evil

3 bearded adult men are seated at a small round table in a Damascus motel. They have been in dialogue for 9 several hours and the issue is the cost of peace in Gaza. The arrangement has virtually been reached it is now only about how speedily a billion dollars will be transported to Hamas. There have been no conversations about ideology or faith only about the measurement and supply of the extortion payment. The adult men are obtaining exhausted and peace will quickly return to Gaza. Paradise is a spot in which a girl can manage to have a dozen young children and in which her lover can shell out the entire working day taking part in soccer with out obtaining a career. Some of the other goodies would be free housing,meals,health care and all the hashshesh that can be smoked. That paradise exists right here on earth—it is known as Gaza.   Only there is a person big dilemma since any person has to support this paradise. A big month-to-month examine from the U.N. supports the Gaza group, but thanks to inflationary pressures that examine has to be current each year . The U.N. has been deaf to the escalating wants of Gaza inhabitants and they refuse to hear to their pleas for a increase. Sad to say It has taken a couple hundred harmless rockets into Israel and a war to get the U.N. to hear and create a even larger examine.  Gaza will quickly be restored to a paradise but at excellent human sacrifice.  Authentic peace involving men and women arrives when goods and expert services are exchanged  and in which both of those events benefit in the transaction. But the group in Gaza has almost nothing to offer you and  has resorted to begging. Beggers are peacful men and women as long as their cup is filled. The temporary resolution for peace in Gaza is to maintain that cup whole.