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How to Get a US Visa Through EB-5 Investment Options A great US Visa category is EB-5 immigrant investor visa. This is usually misunderstood just like a lot of US visa categories. You have to know that the basic principle of the EB-5 visa is that in exchange of getting an investment that is able to stimulate the US economy, then you may have a US visa. Such kind of visa is made for promoting growth as well as creating new jobs and there are three important investment options that you should know under the EB-5 visa category. You need to understand the three options in detail and also to review them. The regional center is actually a public or a private economic entity which is recognized by the US citizenship and also immigration services and as part of the immigrant investor pilot program. Regional center must focus on the geographic region in the US, and also make jobs with the capital investments and have an impact on the regional or national economy. Job creation can be indirect or direct and such would allow slightly more flexibility in the business plan. Understand that the EB-5 visa focuses to promote economic development and job creation in the US. A way that it does so is with a new commercial enterprise requirement. The new commercial enterprise under the US visa category is defined as a commercial enterprise which is established after the expansion, reorganization or the restructure of the business.
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The investor may invest the needed amount of capital into the new business venture or a venture established after the year 1990. Commercial enterprise can be defined as any profitable activity which is made for the ongoing conduct of lawful business. This may be a joint venture, sole proprietorship, holding company or corporation and other options.
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You should know that the EB-5 visa is primarily geared to the creation of a new commercial enterprise but the investor can invest in commercial enterprise which was established on or before November 1990 if they fit the US visa criteria. The criteria include the reorganization of the existing business or structuring it in a manner that results in new commercial enterprise and if the business is expanded due to the investment result that has 40 percent increase in the number of workers or the increase in net worth. The US visa category also has other requirements that the potential investors must understand. If you choose to invest in the business established after or invest in the restructured or reorganized business, there is a job requirement that should be met. Commercial enterprise must preserve a minimum of 10 fulltime jobs to US workers. The job creation should take place in two years of the EB-5 visa holder’s admission to the US as the conditional permanent resident.