Personalized Damage: Slip and Slide on Ice–Do You Have a Claim?

A winter season wonderland may possibly be entertaining to sing about–particularly on Xmas eve–but, if you are negotiating a treacherous parking lot coated with ice, bursting into music is the previous point on your mind.

Slipping on ice is no laughing issue and, though falls may possibly be funny in some slapstick style comedies, they can be downright lethal in actual existence.

To mind comes the case of diet regime founder Robert Atkins who on April eight, 2003, at age seventy two, slipped on the ice whilst going for walks to do the job, hitting his head and producing bleeding all-around his brain.

Right after losing consciousness on the way to the healthcare facility, where by he invested two weeks in intensive care, he died of “blunt influence injuries of head with epidural hematoma.”

Luckily, most falls–though agonizing–are not this lethal. You may possibly be thinking, if you have fallen on the assets of one more, if you have a claim. I’ve responded to that situation in the adhering to dilemma which was initially posed at

Q. My mom slipped on the ice at her apartment intricate and hurt her shoulder and back again. The intricate assistant manager witnessed her slide. She has been off of her work at Walmart from the beginning of December and simply cannot go back again till January. She is eighty five and supplements her Social Stability with her work at Walmart.

Does she have any recourse?

A. Slip and slide circumstances can be tricky.

The crucial is “responsibility”.

Did the apartment intricate have a responsibility to get rid of ice from the location where by your mom fell? Regardless of whether they had these a responsibility relies upon on the information. It relies upon on where by she fell.

If she fell in the parking lot she could not have a claim. It is just not possible, in cold climates, to keep parking heaps totally totally free of ice and snow. On the other hand, if ice had amassed to a unsafe degree in the parking lot and the owners understood or should have recognized about it and took no techniques to repair it then they could be liable.

If she fell on the techniques to her apartment her claim could be stronger. Condominium complexes ordinarily have a responsibility to get rid of ice and snow that accumulates on stair techniques.

If she fell on a sidewalk her claim could be stronger however. Some counties and towns have ordinances which demand a landowner to get rid of snow from the sidewalk inside of 24 hrs. You can usually uncover those people ordinances on-line, at your area public library or, if that fails, at a close by legislation library.

Law libraries are uncovered at legislation schools, and, usually, adjacent to court docket complexes. Most legislation libraries are open to the public and, throughout business hrs, they usually have a reference librarian or other assistants to help you uncover what you are hunting for.

And, if you want to know accurately when the snow previous fell, talk to the Nationwide Weather conditions Assistance at its web site, for climate info on your locality.


Slips on ice are a peril of existence in a cold local weather. Lots of individuals slide without the need of carelessness on the aspect of the assets proprietor. Regardless of whether you have a claim will count on the legislation in your point out and the information of the case.


This posting is intended for information purposed only. If you have a specific dilemma about the legislation in your point out talk to an knowledgeable injuries lawyer who has expertise with slip and slide circumstances. He or she will help you sort out the information.