Particular, Cultural, and Religious Reflection

Alusine M. Kanu, D.A. 

            This essay discusses my individual, cultural, and religious reflection.  Designs of lifestyle determine my cultural competence as my ability to negotiate meanings and figure out my various identities.  I interact proficiently and appropriately to reach my targets and respect and affirm the cultural identities of those with whom I interact.  I accept and respect cultural differences.  I have cognitive awareness of my individual cultural identification, proper self-disclosure, behavioral overall flexibility, interaction management, and social expertise.

            My region of beginning is Sierra Leone,West Africa.  I am a male U.S.citizen.  At dwelling I communicate English, and with prolonged household users, I communicate Temne and Krio.  I am black, and my religion is Christian.  My religion teaches me to comprehend, respect, and adapt to relig-ious tactics and beliefs.  I have been married for 28 years to my American wife, Geraldine Williams, who is from Baltimore.  My encounters involve remaining educated with folks expertise and expertise that benefit others’ encounters.

            The consciousness and planet watch of African lifestyle contains observing the universe as a dynamic process flowing from God and animated by a full hierarchy of very important forces, some benevolent and others hostile, which engage in upon every other and appear at differing periods as weakened and strengthened.  Classical African religions hence arrived to be found as an inte-grated full.  In this perception, African religion, so to communicate, combines values in substantial adequate units to offer with the influx of forces of science, capitalism, theories of economic create-ment, and Christianity with modernization occurring by way of conversions to Christianity.

            My sights about others’ cultures and traditions in contrast to mine are that I do not consider other cultures are backward in contrast with my lifestyle.  I benefit the customs of other cultures, and I do not consider folks would be happier if they lived like folks in my lifestyle.  I also feel lifestyle variations in other cultures are as valid as those in my lifestyle.  I belief folks, even if they are various.  I respect the traditions and customs of other cultures.  These cultural influences affect my reliability and my ethnocentric reductions.

            Throughout heritage there have been cultural tactics that right now would be judged unethical.  Sacrificing virgins to the gods, burning folks who keep various religious beliefs, and sending small children to battle wars are noticeable examples.  But even right now there are prac-tices of various cultures that a single could uncover unethical, tactics involving inflicting soreness and leading to the demise of horses or bulls, and the perception and exercise that a girl will have to be sub-servient to her husband’s will.  It is correct that every lifestyle has a proper to its individual tactics and beliefs.  The problem, on the other hand, is whether or not we need to decide cultures based mostly on their individual values or based mostly on common values. 

            My planet watch has underlying assumptions about the mother nature of fact and human actions.  My planet watch contains ideas about the organization of the universe, the goal of human lifestyle, the idea of remaining, and God.  Religion is a deep and pervasive determinant of planet watch.  Even the most secular of folks feels religious influences.  Those people who reject religious faith continue to comply with a great deal of the religious heritage that influences lifestyle.  There are four foundational religious beliefs in African conventional religions:  (one) the perception in mystical powers, (two) the perception in spirit beings, (three) the perception in divinities, and (four) the perception in a supreme remaining.  Emerson (1996) spots strain on religion in the enhancement of planet watch.  By outlining what should to be and by developing and reinforcing social group norms by way of interaction, religion has a sizeable influence on a person’s planet watch.  Religion not only styles reasoning, but also offers the indicating, significance, and propriety of various social arrangements and institutions.

  Basically, it is the planet sights of a folks that affect the way they consider about on their own, their complications, others, their substance environment that basically deter-mines their level of religious, scientific or metaphysical development. What this usually means is that there are sure cultural attributes, attitudes and perception programs that encourage growth. For case in point contemporary technological development arises as an expression of current cul-ture (Aikenhead, 1980).  My planet watch influences my supervisors’ reactions to me in a favorable way.  My concepts of planet watch and interpersonal relationships can influence the consequences of organizational justice, work satisfaction, belief in the supervisor, and belief in the organization.  I have moderating consequences on supervisor-subordinate relationships and cultural values on the influence of organizational justice. I enjoy operating in teams in which there is a obviously defined leader.  I feel cozy with just about any individual.  I benefit modesty, tender-ness, and high quality of lifestyle.  I confront conflict with the aim of compromise.  If I am manager or supervisor, I strain worker satisfaction.  I am cozy with ambiguity and uncertainty to a fantastic extent.  Success, to my way of considering, is measured by my contribution to individual and neighborhood efforts in earning a good contribution to modern society.  My heroes are usually team players.  The values I consider involve accomplishment, stimulation, and pleasure.  I am well mannered and immediate.  I have similarity of cognitive variations with supervisors, no matter of planet watch. The common reference among myself and supervisor is probably to advertise arrangement relating to the promises that comprise the psychological contract and to final result in a mutuality of knowing relating to the phrases and conditions of the work marriage.

            My planet watch has significantly motivated my sights on cultural diversity.  I feel supervisors who benefit diversity will create more cost strengths than those who do not.  I also consider those with the best standing for managing diversity will earn the competitiveness for best personnel.  The perception and cultural sensitivity need to boost efforts in critical strategies.  I have considerably less emphasis on conformity, and I like to boost my creativeness.  I make conclusions and resolve complications that develop superior choices by way of a broader array of views.  Learning about and from cultures are strategies I have connected to my planet watch.  I feel finding out about cultures is a single point finding out from cultures is a further.  Learning from cultures requires us to be humble and modest in purchase to comprehend and value other cultures.  We can attempt to notice, describe, interpret, and appraise a various lifestyle by way of the planet watch that is derived from the lifestyle.  Culture finding out and cross-cultural self-reflection are probably to just take spot since we are likely to watch other cultures as sources of insights.  What is important in my planet watch is having fulfilling relationships with my supervisor, household, close friends, passionate associate and neighborhood.  My notion of planet sights will make me content and contented with lifestyle.  I also concur that my relationships, spiritual beliefs, scientific knowing, neighborhood contributions, and peaceful and balanced residing are important substances in our multicultural societies.


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