My individual Identity Theft Story

My title is John Shelby and this is my individual Felony Identity Theft tale. It all begun in Dec. of 1997. I had been hired for a seriously excellent occupation, but was quite considerably immediately fired on my very first day due to a Felony History Check (C.B.C.). The qualifications examine explained that I was presently incarcerated in my household-town of El Paso,Tx. I was stunned and embarrassed to say the least. So I went down to the downtown precinct in El Paso to see what was heading on.
Apparently, this man had earlier utilized my title when picked up for a theft, had plead responsible, and had subsequently been arrested a second time for a number of felonies and had the moment once again utilized my title and was (according to the fingerprint analyst) presently incarcerated. The officer then confirmed me the perpetrator’s mug-shot and I identified the man from the community. After a several cell phone calls, I was capable to recognize the man as Jason Michael Newton. I was thanked for my time and assist, then provided a document stating that I had no record on file, and was sent on my way. I was a little perplexed as to how this had transpired. I had been arrested myself in 1991 for a trespassing charge that was dismissed, but I had been booked and fingerprinted. So how had this slip-up transpired?
Properly, about the following calendar year, I had the worst time of my existence. I had challenges getting employment, I at some point finished up dwelling on the streets in Virginia Seashore, Va., which was the place I had earlier been stationed in the Navy. Talk about rough moments, but I hardly ever assumed to put the two jointly. Ultimately, by the grace of God, I was capable to get off the streets and lastly gain employment. Life went on, but it was generally a struggle. I just hardly ever noticed the signs. I understood I had been not able to land a excellent occupation no matter my references but assumed I was just unlucky. I had been denied a gun allow but was not told why, I just assumed it was due to my arrest in 1991. It wasn’t right until 2004 when I had been hired for a Civil Assistance occupation, and the moment once again immediately fired for lying on my application about my legal record, that I realized what was going on.
Apparently, back in 1997 when I had at first long gone to the El Paso law enforcement Station, that paperwork had hardly ever been filed. Mr. Newton had been introduced on bail underneath my title and had skipped bail. There were being warrants for my arrest. To top it all off, the reason he had utilized a phony title in the very first position was due to the fact he was a fugitive for a murder charge in Plano,Tx. Properly, he was at some point caught and convicted. Sadly, that crime was also showing up on my Felony History Check as effectively as some others that he had been convicted of in his individual title, because I was his ALIAS. I was screwed. It all built some feeling now.
That was when I begun preventing. I was on the cell phone with the EPPD on almost a each day basis trying to get this cleared up. They at very first had no plan what I was conversing about because that original paperwork had hardly ever been filed, they explained that basically Mr. Newton had utilized my ID (a lie by the way-I HAVE Proof) so it was a situation of Felony Identity Theft. They were being also adamant that there was nothing that could be accomplished and I was just basically screwed and I would have to find out to dwell with it. I was furious. I begun contacting the information station listed here in Virginia Seashore and was interviewed. They built a stink in Austin,Tx. for me, and the individuals at the Condition Attorney general’s workplace told me how to get my title cleared. But El Paso is a full different 3rd environment state in comparison to the relaxation of the Condition of Texas, so they nonetheless refused to assist. I guess they felt they were being earlier mentioned the law.
I contacted several individuals about the following few of several years, politicians, Identity Theft Advocates, lawyers, you title it. With the assist of these contacts, and in particular the assist of Brian Falco (a Felony identity Theft qualified) who was very diligent in encouraging me get my title cleared. At last in Jan. of 2008, with considerably pressure, my record was lastly expunged and the warrants for my arrest were being lastly dropped. Believe that me, it nonetheless wasn’t about. By means of the paperwork that I obtained just after the expuncture, I begun to comprehend all of the issues and cover-ups on the element of the El Paso Police Office.
It turns out that Mr. Newton had hardly ever utilized my ID. He had just said my title. His full arrest sheet was copied off of my prior arrest sheet in 1991. After his very first arrest underneath my title, for which he plead responsible and awarded me with two several years probation, he was provided all of my individual information and facts by the EPPD. His arrest sheet had my stats rather of his even though he was 6 several years more youthful than me, had different coloured hair and eyes, outweighed me by about 50 lbs ., and was at least 5 inches taller than me. The license amount that they explained he had utilized when arrested was my license amount in 1991, that had also been surrendered in one more state when I had gotten a new license. They loaded in my SSN on the arrest sheet. Then they gave him all of this information and facts when he was introduced, so it was even simpler for him to use my information the following time this occupation legal was arrested.
To make it even worse. They checked the containers on the arrest sheet that said that they had confirmed his prints by way of FBI and DPS. Of course untrue, because he was a fugitive with a prior record at that time. Talk about a comedy of mistakes on the element of these officers that built the Keystone Cops appear like CSI:Miami. Due to the fact of the obvious negligence, I wasn’t even capable to vote, amongst other Civil Legal rights that a Disabled Veteran ought to have.
So, the place do I stand now? Properly, due to the point that the individuals in El Paso can’t appear to adhere to by way of with anything at all or do anything at all right, I nonetheless display up on several qualifications checks. I am essentially pursuing a civil suit versus them. I nonetheless produce pizzas(lengthy tale). And I am consistently active in wholly clearing my title.
Significantly, if you have been a victim of any type of Identity Theft, never just examine your credit score but also your Felony History. You hardly ever know, I did not. Even if you are just having challenges finding employment, this could be the reason.