Moral Viewpoints

Moral Viewpoints

Written by Shelley Godra 

How considerably would you go to support a pal?  Would you threat breaking the legislation?  These concerns plagued my conscience previous yr when I opened my property to a near pal operating from the navy. In my impression, I felt like I did the suitable matter providing my pal, Josh, a put to remain when he desired it the most nevertheless, some people today might disagree with my selection. Depending on the viewpoint, this condition could be noticed as currently being ethically suitable or ethically completely wrong.

My pal enlisted into the Navy in the spring of 2006.  Josh concluded boot camp and was keeping at a naval base in Virginia.  In the starting of the winter season, he ran into some hassle and his punishment was seventy two hrs in the naval jail.  As an alternative of completing his jail sentence, Josh made a decision to depart the naval base and was regarded as absent with out depart or “AWOL.”  When he showed up on my doorstep, I experienced the dilemma of selecting regardless of whether to allow him remain or to send him on his way. 

A man or woman with a transcendentalist viewpoint would have not only sent him on his way but would have also turned Josh more than to the navy authorities.  The transcendentalist viewpoint is inspired and fully commited to judging ethical predicaments based mostly on a spiritual standing.  There are both great or undesirable ethical selections there are neither gray locations nor excuses for undesirable ethical selections.  Somebody with this position of view would take into consideration the actions equally Josh and I took to be morally and ethically completely wrong.  Like the transcendentalist viewpoint, the legitimist viewpoint would also categorize this condition as currently being ethically completely wrong if he certainly broke the legislation.

The legitimist viewpoint retains the legislation over all other selection-generating influences.  When looking at if an motion is ethically proper, somebody with a legitimist position of view would glance to see if the motion followed governing administration legal guidelines and insurance policies.  In my condition, equally Josh and I did not stick to the legal guidelines.  Josh broke the legislation when he left the naval base and grew to become AWOL, and I broke the legislation when I authorized him to remain at my household with out turning him more than to the navy.  The individualist viewpoint would also see this condition as currently being ethically completely wrong, nevertheless, the reasoning is entirely various.

The individualist viewpoint is only worried with the improvement and capitalization of one’s individual position in culture.  Somebody with this position of view would believe that housing Josh as completely wrong for the reason that there is a opportunity of currently being punished by governing administration authorities them selves.  This viewpoint also does not get present associations into standpoint when generating ethical selection as a result, it would not matter to somebody with individualist wondering that Josh is a near pal and requirements support.  In distinction, there are viewpoints that would perceive this condition as currently being ethical.

The systemicist viewpoint seems at the even larger photo of an ethical dilemma and sees how every person is affected by the selection. A man or woman holding a systemicist viewpoint thinks that the selection is ethically proper if it is great for the the vast majority of the people today concerned.  In this specific condition, not only have been Josh and I affected but also his relatives and the navy.  Josh would have been out on the streets, operating from the governing administration, and on his individual if I experienced turned him away.  His relatives would have been devastated if he experienced gotten caught and was sentenced to a interval in jail.  The navy has sufficient challenges to deal with and does not have to have to be chasing an AWOL seaman about the nation.  The the vast majority of worried parties’ pursuits would have picked to have Josh remain at my household alternatively than be turned into the governing administration or be denied shelter. 

The conventionalist viewpoint also seems at the even larger photo when selecting what is ethically proper.  Somebody characterised as portraying a conventionalist viewpoint would identify what is ethically suitable and completely wrong by seeking at what the the vast majority of culture would opt for.  This reasoning is supported by the plan that most people today are inherently great.  The the vast majority of culture would say that breaking the legislation is undesirable, nevertheless, the increased total would also say that helping a near pal in have to have has superiority more than the latter motion.  Fellow friends and relatives would also concur with the previous selection of helping Josh.  When placing precedence to actions, the conventionalist viewpoint would presume helping and housing Josh is the broadly recognized ethical selection.  In addition, the experientialist viewpoint would take into consideration this condition as executing the suitable matter.

An experientialist viewpoint relies on “gut inner thoughts” and an intuitive sense of suitable.  A man or woman with this position of view, like myself, does not consider the condition as a result of ahead of selecting on an ethical selection.  When I opened my door that day to come across Josh, I understood instinctively that I would support him as a result of his hardship.  I did not have to weigh the pros and negatives to know regardless of whether or not I desired to support with his disaster.  I do not regret opening up my property to Josh nevertheless, the selection might have been various if the condition was altered.

I would have turned Josh away from my property experienced a couple of aspects been altered in this ethical condition.  First, the severity of his fees would have adjusted my intellect Josh experienced gotten in hassle at the Virginia naval base for underage drinking.  If Josh experienced injured other people today or fully commited a additional serious criminal offense then I would have not authorized him a put to remain.  Next, the events concerned could have swayed my selection as perfectly.  If the FBI or a further type of higher profile governing administration company have been chasing him then I would have turned him away based mostly on the individualist viewpoint.  I would not have risked the opportunity of jail in order to support my AWOL pal. 

In summary, there are many viewpoints that can be taken for every single ethical condition nevertheless, there is no absolute suitable viewpoint.  The idea taken when generating ethical selections is dependent on the predicament, the severity, and the people today concerned.  In this specific condition, Josh was my pal and desired support.  I did not treatment that he was AWOL and preferred by the navy I felt that our friendship was additional essential than the legislation.  I do not regret my selection, and I consider I was ethically suitable.