Dollars Policies the Earth

Dollars regulations the entire world
Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.

Who established and recognized the strategy of this revenue, that is an other issue. But if we go deep and imagine more than this revenue strategy, we arrive to the summary that revenue regulations the entire world. Even right now, when persons have recognized democracies in their countries, yet the persons who are rich are in the governing administration and the persons who have acquired no revenue with them are still slaves or just subjects or just voters who mail these rich persons to rule more than them. The poor and the slaves still consider that only rich persons ought to be allowed to sit on chairs of ability and all the poor persons ought to be glad if they are allowed to continue to be as subjects of the state and obey the orders handed by those people who experienced been despatched by the persons to seats of ability.
The persons who are poor are given assurance that they far too shall come to be ability, but in spite of all these kinds of assurances given to the persons, the persons could not increase for the reason that these rich and highly effective persons hardly ever sought after that these poor persons ought to also increase. The persons in ability usually aspect the rich persons and they continue to be 1 and they exploit the situation and situation of the poor persons in the state. They make sure that the persons ought to continue to be illiterate, unemployed, poor, houseless, should wear on rags, should starve and should endure poverty for the reason that of mounting prices and they ought to continue to be concentrating just on the issue of two time foods and nothing at all much more. They know that they are ruling only for the reason that the persons are poor and ignorant and if they are also having revenue and then they shall come to be wise and then they shall not enable these couple of persons to rule more than them. That is the rationale, the primary curiosity in the head of the ruling courses is to retain the persons poor and deprived of all the amenities of life and they are prosperous in all he countries.
It is incredibly unusual that in just about every democracy the governments are recognized with the votes of frequent persons and when they are installed on seats of ability, these persons commence doing work for the rich and not for the poor and they know that these rich persons experienced not exercised right of vote in elections. The persons in ability have transformed this election technique so pricey that only rich could participate in this approach and the poor ought to continue to be just a voter. They are 1 class and they have divided by themselves in political get-togethers with different names and they engage in helpful matches. In 1 election 1 bash wins and next time the other bash can get and each are content and when they are in the houses, they engage in helpful matches and the persons are merely spectators and take pleasure in the matches. All the news papers and other sources of media commence publishing and exhibiting these matches to the persons and in this way these companies also sign up for with the persons participating in helpful matches and retain the persons occupied for at least 5 years. Then these persons are invited to elect the very same personalities at the time yet again and give them time to engage in helpful matches.
The persons in ability retain the persons occupied for 5 years or much more as the situation might be. They could be participating in helpful matches at international degree or at nationwide degree. In the entire tenure the persons are reading through and looking at adverse opinions on just about every other and the entire media continues to be occupied reporting the very same and they hardly ever speak about the frequent gentleman who continues to be suffering in these tenures. If we have an eye on India, we shall discover that none of the issues of the persons of India could be solved all through the earlier 6 a long time and the persons who are on seats of ability experienced been growing rich and much more rich and now these persons are the richest class below in India and it is on file that persons have been stored illiterate, unemployed, poor, without appropriate lodging, are putting on rags, are beggars, are sick and are not in a situation get appropriate treatment, they are not having any social protection when they are sick or are outdated, they are to fork out bribe and the persons in ability are committing scams, scandals, muddles, having commissions, are advertising careers, quotas, licences and the like and all these burdens are on the shoulder of the persons. Even the persons experts in economic matters could not fix the issues of the persons fairly they are arranging in these kinds of a manner that the poor are getting reduced to much more poverty.
So revenue shall continue to be ruling in all the democracies in the entire world and until this revenue strategy is having much more ability, we shall have to acknowledge the authentic meanings of the pursuing strains,
‘ Persoo, Parsa and Pars Ram, Iss Maya Ke Teen Naam’
The poor persons shall continue to be king makers, but they would hardly ever increase to the situation of ‘Pars Ram’.