A Personal Constitution



FEBRUARY 16, 1993

        I live my life striving for perfection in every way. Although I know “perfection” is an unattainable goal, the pursuit of such heights is deserving of merit. While chasing this allusive dream; I must learn to be patient with myself, learn from my mistakes, and persist. It is through my self tolerance that I will learn to value others and it is through my persistence that my dreams will become realities.  It is through the education I receive in this process that my life will take on its proper perspective.

        In the pursuit of all my goals, I will not lose sight of God and His relationship with me. It is important to communicate with God on a daily basis. I believe in a God who expects perfection but understands shortcomings. My perception of God is the perfect model of how I should strive to live my life.

        There are five specific areas that have developed into my priorities. These priorities are my family, my health and self-worth, professional success, personal development, and financial security. It is through the interactions of these five agendas that I will reach the top of the pyramid – Inner-Peace.

        I want to be a great husband and father. In order to have successful interpersonal relationships I must be able to at times put my own needs aside. Relationships must be built on honesty, patience, and the real skill of listening to what someone else has to say.  I believe that it is important to catch individuals doing something right and acknowledge it. As in all facets of success, consistency over time is the thread that ties the family together.

        Before I can love another, I must first feel good about myself.  I will lead a healthy, active, and productive life. I know that if I feel good about my health and appearance, I will be a better husband, a more productive worker, and a better person.

        Professional success is an important part of my life. The best way to be successful is to look for opportunities to do things that average people would not do. It is important for me to be successful, to earn respect of colleagues as a leader, and help those associated with me to reach their own personal goals.

        Learning should be a life-long skill. A man who has knowledge on a broad range of topics is interesting and fun to be around. People who are learners are more apt to be successful. By constantly being open to learning, one can walk with men and keep his virtue and walk with Kings without losing his common touch. It is important to know that one may always learn from another.


        I recognize that money is a tangible reward for professional success. It is important that finances will not stop me from leading the type of life that I want to live. In order for this to be a reality, I must constantly be on top of a financial plan. That plan must have attainable goals that are flexible to allow for the changing situations that one may expect life to bring.

        The cliché’ – The Greatest Calamity of Life Is Not To Have Failed, But To Have Failed To Try – should permeate every aspect of this constitution. For it is in striving to achieve one’s goals to the best of his ability that one nay achieve inner-peace.